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Aloha and welcome to Island Vibrations. At this site you will find sheets, chords, tabs, and real audio for todays solid hawaiian music (Use the navigation menu to the left). If you have any comments, requests, or any sheet/tab submittions, please e-mail me at islandvibes@bizland.com. Don't forget to bookmark this site and drop a line in my guestbook :).

4/29/01 - got an update for ya. i'm going to start updating more often now so everybody can start coming back not once a month. also my site at www.islandvibes.bizland.com is officialy deleted so i got a new url and e-mail. you can start using www.islandvibes.cjb.net now and my new e-mail is islandvibrations@hotmail.com. anyways, i got some new sheets and some new audio for ya so check um out. uh that's all for now so see ya again soon. kdenz...
4/6/01 - i'm back!. If you were wondering why I haven't been updating for a while it was because my server (Bizland) decided to start charging for their web services so i had to find a new one. I had transfered my entire site (change html too) to another server and I've had problems along the way. so that took quite a while to get back to updating. anyways got new sheets and audio. kdenz.

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